Question:  I have a five-year-old Icelandic with Sweet Itch and Lyme disease. Though I have treated my horse with alternative therapies, which have shown a major reduction in her Lyme titer, and helped with the sweet itch, I still notice that there is weakness in her rear leg, (feels like deep inside shaking very infrequently), and I am seeing tail rubbing and patches of hair missing on her skin now.
My farrier noticed that the horse's rear leg, in the knee area, was twitching and suggested I contact you regarding the use of Chondroitin Sulfate which she said would help with the sweet itch as well.
The horse has become a picky eater simply because I have been giving her various powders to reduce inflammation and build up her immune system. Please recommend if Chondroitin Sulfate can be used in pellet form.

Dr. Kellon: Yes, chondroitin can help with both joint issues and allergic reactions (although it's best to start chondroitin before the allergy season).  You would need to find a pellet that is pure chondroitin to avoid overdosing with other ingredients since the chondroitin dose for allergy is 2500 to 5000 mg twice daily.
Feeding powders is easier if you lightly wet the feed with water or oil before mixing.