Question: I am so upset !  We just loaded in all this hay and the sugar is really high.

IR MARE: (21 yrs. old): Would you please balance the hay using the minerals from the glycocemic EQ?  My mare is still getting 12.5 lbs hay.   She gets 2 scoops of glycocemic EQ, Vit E, 1 scoop ground flaxseed plus copper and zinc. I am using  1 Lb. Lakin Lite as a carrier, but thinking of changing to timothy pellets and what do you think about topping with a tablespoon of Uckele Pro Lyte?  Should I just change from hay to pellets totally?
Non IR Gelding: (18 yrs  old):  He gets 17 lbs of hay and 4 lbs of lakin lite.  In addition to  the regular minerals, he gets vit E, ground flaxseed, and Uckele Selenium Yeast Blend 1 scoop.  I appreciate any guidance you can give me .

Dr. Kellon: I can see why you're upset! The starch is higher than usual too. She might be able to tolerate this hay if you always soak it but that's a lot of work.

Unfortunately, the pellets may not be any safer. They are sometimes too high as well. In addition, the mineral profile will constantly change.


Your best option would be Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes from their Natural line of products. These are always low sugar/starch and are mineral balanced. You can still use the Glycocemic EQ with that product and won't need additional copper and zinc. Just flax and vitamin E.


Always start your electrolyte program with at least 1 oz/day of plain salt. If you work her or she is obviously sweating in hot weather, start using the ProLyte.


Which minerals are you giving your gelding?

Question:Thank you so much.  I can switch her to the Natural Triple Crown Timothy Cubes.  How much of that should I feed?  Can I divide the amount into multiple feedings (they get fed 4 times a day now).  Do I soak the cubes?

Re salt:  They have free feed salt block which the mare uses more than the gelding.  Should I add an ounce of stock salt as well?

The gelding gets 17 lbs hay plus 4 lbs lakin lite and:

4 g. magnesium

330 mg copper

910mg zinc

2mg selenium yeast
1 tsp vit E

1 scoop ground flaxseed

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Dr. Kellon:  You don't have to soak the cubes but they do fluff up nicely if you do. Use just enough that the cubes will soak it all up so that the minerals are not rinsed out. Yes, divide it into as many meals as you like.

It's a good idea to at least add 1 oz of salt to feedings, spread out over the day.


For this hay you don't have to add any magnesium but he will need:


5 grams phosphorus

500 mg copper

1350 mg zinc


and the rest as you are already feeding.