Question: Per your instuctions my Friesian has been on the Jiaogulan, karo and L- leucine, and the others. What I am wondering could I add the Jiaogulan to the karo/Lleucine syringes without any complications? He does get the Jiaogulan 2X's a day but I am considering upping the dose.  I can increase the daily amounts except that the barn adds H20 to the feed, and he may not ingest it all as I see liquid left and I am sure the expensive stuff is in there.  Other than that he is doing really great. He loves every last bit of the karo/L-leucine syringe.

Dr. Kellon: Yes, you can add the Jiaogulan to the Karo and L-leucine. Wait to do any dosage increases until you have given it that way for a while though because you  may get a better response by giving it in this way rather than in the feed.