Question:  I have a 6-year-old OTTB who was recently evaluated by a vet/chiropractor for restriction of the right pelvis, right inter-transverse joint and caudal lumbar spine and restriction of the right lower cervical vertebrae. He also showed mild muscle soreness with palpation over the right inter-transverse joint space. The vet recommended carrot stretches 2x/week, but I would like to start him on joint supplements as well. I've ordered Arthroxigen, but noted the absence of ASU. Would you recommend that I add ASU and additional sodium hyaluronate in paste form? I'm also considering using the Capsa Creme with a Back on Track back pad for his muscle soreness. Would appreciate your thoughts on this treatment plan.

Dr. Kellon: From your description it is likely that his current issues are muscular and ligamentous, but there is certainly nothing wrong with being proactive in terms of joint support.  The Arthroxigen should serve you well as the potent antioxidant support will help with all tissues.  The levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid in Arthroxigen are all you need for proactive joint support. 
Capsa-Creme is extremely effective, but for use under the pad a better choice would be Zephyr's Sore Muscle liniment.