Question: What joint supplement do you recommend the most for IR horses? Ive read that they shouldnt have glucosamine. Is that correct?

Is just plain mediterranean sea salt ok to put in their feed in addition to free choice salt blocks? If sea salt is ok? How much should I use?

I was wondering what you thought about teff hay? The only way I could get some teff hay, is to get a large round bales. Do you think it would be ok to feed teff free choice with a round bale slow feeder hay net over it?

Also, what supplement do you think I should give to a horse that gets summer excema from allergies to insect bites?   Thank you very much!

Dr. Kellon: Glucosamine can worsen insulin resistance in some cases, so if you try a product with glucosamine you should check insulin a few weeks after you start it, or stop immediately at any sign of hoof discomfort. Stay at the lower end of the dosage scale, about 5000 mg/day. Otherwise I would just use hyaluronic acid and Devil's Claw as needed for pain.

Yes, you can use Mediterranean salt, same dose as regular table salt.

Teff is the same as any other grass hay in that you have to analyze it to know if it is safe and how to balance. Some horses are very talented at getting hay even with small hole nets so you will have to monitor weight if you feed free choice.

Summer insect bite reactions respond well to a combination of trace mineral balancing, flax (if not eating pasture) and chondroitin sulfate 5000 mg twice a day.