Question: I have a 2 year old Missouri Foxtrotter that is growing like a weed. I have been feeding her free choice orchard grass, 24 hr pasture access, purine ultium growth and 1 scoop California trace plus with equip omega 4:1. I live on the coast in Washington state. I would like to switch her over to Uckele Sport Horse Grass, orchard grass, CocoOmega, and add special blend pellets as a carrier.

Will this be sufficient for her growing needs, or do I need to add additional protein? I can't test our hay, as we have limited storage while renting, and purchase hay from the feed store. I also give free choice granular white salt. Recommendations?


Dr. Kellon: Since hay analysis is not feasible, add 1/2 lb/day of Amino Fac 41 through the 2 YO year, then 1/4 lb/day.