Question:  We were recommended Move Ease for our 21year old, 16 H 1200 Tennessee walker. He runs in field trials so has worked very hard and now has arthritis in both front knees.  I'm wondering what the difference is between that & Arthroxigen?  Also would it be worth giving him turmeric golden paste along with the Arthroxigen, or injections?  Is the turmeric safe for a horse prone to ulcers?  '

Dr. Kellon: Move Ease is a single ingredient product that addresses balancing of  inflammatory reactions at a specific level.  Arthroxigen also does this with multiple herbal, fruit and nutritional ingredients as well as addressing nerve/pain balance and providing joint nutraceuticals (glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronate).  The golden paste could also be used safely in combination, but it's highly unlikely it would make any difference.