Question: We have been giving my border's horse Glycocemic EQ for IR since mid February. His numbers went from 217 to 67. My boarder is thrilled but concerned at this rate his number could drop below the normal 40. Is this possible? Do we stay the course (1 scoop daily)?  Would that amount change at any point? Also, is there a feed you recommend for him, he had laminitis in the fall and a some signs again a few weeks ago?

I also want to ask advice for a feed for our 3 teenage Quarterhorses? The have free hay and a very small amount of pasture grass. Plus I have a 15 year old who has had bowed tendon since January but is showing significant improvement. The vet said it is what it is. Any advice or supplements you would recommend?

Dr. Kellon: An insulin of 40 IU would only be "normal" shortly after a big grain meal. A horse on hay or pasture will normally run around 10 to 13 or lower. Glycocemic EQ doesn't make it drop. In conjunction with diet control it assists the insulin to work better, meaning he has to produce less. He doesn't need a feed per se except as a carrier for his supplements. Plain rinsed and soaked beet pulp is ideal. 
I like to keep diets simple. Hay and pasture forms the bulk of it. If they need a "feed", a mixture of 75% plain oats and 25% alfalfa pellets plus salt and a balancer to match your hay mineral profile is a solid diet. Add vitamin E and flaxseed when not getting much fresh pasture.


Our Laminox is also an excellent support supplement for tendon issues.