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  • Aerobic 8000 provides high strength Octacosanol, a plant based phytonutrient that supports aerobic energy production, nerve health, and stamina by promoting oxygen debt recovery and utilization.


Use at the rate of 17 g daily in divided doses.

1 scoop = 17 g scoop included.  1 lb. jar = 25 day supply

Aerobic-8000 is a powerful formula with abundant Octaconasol to provide ergogenic factors for high-intensity performance. Some of the benefits of Octacosanol include:

   • - Support of total body reaction time
   • - Support of metabolic efficiency
   • - Support of oxygen debt renewal
   • - Support of oxygen utilization

Octacosanol supports the ability of the muscles, brain and nervous system to use oxygen more efficiently, even in low oxygen environments.  This supports a more efficient energy production with a decrease in toxic by-products of metabolism. Octacosanol also supports hormone balance and the structural integrity of the brain, endocrine and nervous systems.

During athletic performance, Octacosanol may support aerobic metabolism when horses exhaust their own oxygen reserves. This can reduce oxygen demand, which may lead to a more efficient use of energy. 

Equine metabolism in high-stress training or events usually changes from aerobic (normal oxygen supply) to anaerobic (oxygen deficit).  When horses exhaust their oxygen reserve, octacosanol can support aerobic metabolism by decreasing oxygen demand.  This may support a more productive result because of the increased support in energy production even though  the available oxygen for metabolism is lower. 


Active Ingredients per 17 g dose:

Octacosanol  330 mg
Inactive Ingredients:
Stabilized Rice Bran
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